For That, I Am Praying

October 23 2007 / ShareHim in Ukraine, Sep. 28 - Oct. 14 '07 #223
by Florian Ristea

Campaign Site Narrative from Skvyra, Skvyra in Ukraine. The speaker assigned to this site was Florian Ristea.

First of all, I give thanks to God for allowing me to be an evangelistic speaker in the Ukraine. I also want to thank The Quiet Hour and ShareHim for this opportunity! I worked as translator a few years ago in Romania, and that experience was very useful to me now that I would be speaking.

Our evangelistic meetings took place in a public room in town, where the local communist authorities had had meetings not long ago (see photos). Our campaign here was more of a sowing meeting than a reaping one. We had a regular attendance of 15-18 people each evening and a total of 66 people who attended our meetings at least one or more times. Because many of those attending were hearing the message for the first time, the local pastor made arrangements to follow up the meetings with a bible class. I continue to pray for the people at my site, and if I should have the opportunity, I would go there again.

Finally, I am thankful to God for this little church and for its members who are not only my brothers and sisters in Christ, but my friends also! This church is currently working on building a new church facility, but they have no materials and no one to build it for them. I have organized a team to build it, but we do not have the money yet. For that, I am praying. I want to help them. Concerning the people who attended our meetings there, I know that God’s promise is this: “[God’s Word] always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it too, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.” (Isaiah 55:11)
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