Blessings in Cuba

December 15 2007 / ShareHim in Cuba, Feb. 23 - Mar. 10 '07 #232
by Duane Bauer

Personal Testimony of Duane Bauer.

This was my very first mission trip and I wasn't to sure what to expect, but I kept myself open to the experience as much as I could. From the beginning, I met people that were looking out for me. In the airport in Cuba, in my best broken and very bad Spanish, I was able to talk to two ladies that were happy to see me from the US, and welcomed me to Cuba. On the way to Holquin, on the bus, I met a man from Bulgaria. This man was very gracious and spent some of his time telling me about his church and his home country. We stopped to let some others off at their stop and purchase a treat to tide us over for the balance of our bus ride. One of the vendors cheated me out of some money because I ad not yet learned about Cuban money. This Bulgarian man, whom I had just met, took back to the vendor, talked to him, and corrected my misfortune. I know I was watched over and blessed from the beginning.

Then I went to meet the Church of Palmarito. The people were amazingly open and giving. They had no monetary means, nor any real possessions, but would be willing to give you anything they did have if just you asked. They love the Lord, and me, for sharing what I knew about Him. I became Cuban in my heart! Their faith is so inspiring that I think that this mission trip was much more for me than anyone person there. Please don't get me wrong. People who came to our meetings decided to be saved and baptized. However, much more took place with the Lord there at every turn. Even though I am back at home, I still continue to fell the blessings of the trip.
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