Nandi Park

December 18 2007 / ShareHim in Kenya D, Aug. 24 - Sep. 8 '07 #234
by Haley Prokupek

Campaign Site Narrative from Nandi Park, Eldoret in Kenya D. The speaker assigned to this site was Haley Prokupek.

My site was in the middle of the city of Eldoret. I didn't have very many people come on a day-to-day basis—probably anywhere from 15-50 people came. On Sabbath, however, I had a lot of church members come, and there were probably about 500. Unfortunately, there were not very many non-Adventists who came of Sabbath. The electricity at my sight worked almost every night. The rain would cause some problems. For instance, I would get shocked sometimes when I held the microphone. I had to cancel three times because of the weather. In the end, 6 people were baptized from my site, and I was so happy. That seemed like a lot compared to the amount of people who came and the weather patterns we were experiencing. I enjoyed preaching at Nandi Park because the people of Alisiri church were absolutely amazing!
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