First Overseas Mission Trip Fantastic

December 19 2007 / ShareHim in Tanzania B, Jul. 13 - Jul. 28 '07 #235
by Larry Fuller

Personal Testimony of Larry Fuller.

What an awesome experience! We had never been out of the United States before, and here we were going to Tanzania, Africa. The way the Lord used us both was incredible. I don't talk that much and I completely lost my voice after speaking 4 times in 2 days. By Sunday evening, I had no voice until I got up onto the platform and started preaching. And when I was finished, I once again had no voice for 24 hours.

Some days we had electricity and some days we had water, and once in awhile we had both! But despite the lack of comforts, we both loved the trip and plan on doing it again. My interpreter, Pastor Busee, did a wonderful job and became a friend in addition to an interpreter. Now that I'm home I miss my new brothers and sisters. What precious and beautiful people live in Bunda, Tanzania. Someday we will return to visit them.
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