God Gave The Power

June 25 2006 / ShareHim in Kenya B, May. 26 - Jun. 10 '06 #24
by Heinz A. Volk

Campaign Site Narrative from Kosele, Oyugis in Kenya B. The speaker assigned to this site was Heinz A. Volk.

(Report on evangelism at Kosele, Kenya, May 26-June 10, 2006)

Medical technology showed that Heinz Volk’s heart was working at only 46%, but when he preached at Kosele, Kenya, God gave him all the power he needed. Expected attendance at the Share Him crusade was estimated at 1,500, but despite almost nightly thunderstorms actual attendance far exceeded this, going well over 5,000 on Sabbaths.

One night when a torrential downpour made it difficult to drive to the site, the power bar for the projector shorted out so that the graphics could not be shown, yet 1,200 people still sat in the rain, listening to God’s word. Many had walked 10 kms. (6 miles) to get to the site. One official said that after the nightly presentations small groups met until after midnight to discuss what they had heard.

One week into the series 109 people were baptized by district pastor Hesbon Omune, and the following week another 246 hiked for 45 minutes along a washed-out trail to be baptized in the brown waters of the Awach River. Among these were a man who had come to disrupt the meetings, 2 Muslims, and the 16-year-old daughter of the bishop of another church. Another 200 are studying in preparation for the next baptism, expected to take place in a few months.

When a 15-year-old girl was caught by the current and swept downstream after her baptism, two deacons rescued her. Afterwards deacons and deaconnesses formed a lifeline in the water to make sure there would be no further mishaps.

When they arrived home, Heinz and Elfriede wrote a report on the Share Him team’s activities for their local newspaper, which gave very favorable publicity for their local church. It was featured on the front page of the Community section of the Penticton Herald.
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