The Experience of a Lifetime

February 2 2008 / ShareHim in Bulgaria, Oct. 19 - Nov. 3 '07 #241
by anonymous author

Personal Testimony of anonymous participant.

I spent two weeks with the brothers and sisters of Aydimir, Bulgaria in the autumn months of 2007. This was truly an eye-opening experience. Aydimir is not an affluent of Bulgaria. The houses are missing essentials like paint and sometimes even bathrooms. The gardens, however, boast of the most wonderful fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Even nicer than the gardens were the people of Aydimir. They were wonderful. The church members had started praying months before I came for the campaign. When I arrived, they were so friendly and loving towards me. Some of the elderly women in the church even became like a mother to me. I was amazed to find such love and acceptance.

In the beginning of the campaign, I did not feel comfortable using the sermon synchronizer program, so I preached with the paper notes. Preparing the sermons took me at least twelve hours, and I had other things that I wanted and needed to be doing as well. When I finally figured out the sermon synchronizer program, I went to the church prepared to preach with the laptop and projector. However, something went wrong with the projector, and I could not make it work. I had not brought my paper notes, and I wasn’t sure what I would do. Satan was really trying to push me over my limit, but God really wanted this sermon to be preached. He provided the notes in Bulgarian, and although I do not speak a word of Bulgarian, I preached the sermon. By God’s grace, I made it through the sermon and the people understood!

I found that prayer was essential during the campaign. I had been praying every night on my knees, but by the third night of the campaign, I was laying completely flat on the floor praying that God would use me as a tool for Him and that His spirit would touch people’s hearts. The attendance at the start of the meetings was low, but as the cmapign continued, the attendance doubled. God sent people to hear His word, and He touched their hearts and mine. What a blessing it is to work for God!

During out stay in Bulgaria, we were blessed with a cheap hotel, good food, and lovely people. I did not have time for anything else than working, but it was worth it. What meaning is there in life if we are not preparing the world for Jesus’ second coming? After all, that is what we are called to do.

This is an experience of a lifetime; you do not want to miss it!
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