By The Grace of God

March 3 2008 / ShareHim in Benin, Jan. 11 - Jan. 26 '08 #246
by Jean-Richard Bossous

Personal Testimony of Jean-Richard Bossous.

When our leader, Mr. Meyer, spoke about the evangelization program “ShareHim” in Benin, I was extremely ecstatic about it. It was what I have been looking for, being able to bring forth my contribution to the concept by working my body and soul in a valuable project. When selected, I shook a little with the idea that is foreign experience would elevate my spirituality to a greater level. I knew I was the person for the job though I didn’t know what to expect or even how to get to do it. However, I remembered what a powerful evangelist once said, “God is the One who qualifies the people that He calls forth.”

As the day was approaching and pressure increasing around me, as well a few little obstacles such as sickness, I knew that God was with me on that journey. In addition, my wife was experiencing a difficult pregnancy. I am happy today, by God’s grace, to testify that I overcame those obstacles.

In this journey, we were six students as well as the President of the University, a specialist in African studies. I can sincerely say that the Holy Spirit was within us from the beginning until the end, as we strongly felt the anointing of the communion in our powerful prayers.

I was a bit nervous to see that the assignment God placed in our hand was beyond a regular task but more a spiritual responsibility as the Lord the Lord trusted us for the job.

Our prayers during these nineteen days were our greatest weapon. As I was preaching, I felt a sense of emptiness; however the Word and the Holy Spirit replenished my spirit every night.

I never missed an opportunity to fellowship with my brothers in Benin, even at night when the soccer games were on, I didn’t miss a chance. God used me so much as powerful vessel in a strategic way that I can’t even start counting my blessings. Though it seemed a bit complex at times, I was sticking the code and plan of “ShareHim.” I have no regret.

At the end of the program, there has been a count of thirty decisions, including seven baptisms on January 26, five scheduled for February 5, and the remaining within next the six months.

Though, I had a heavy weight on my shoulders, with very limited resources, I was able to preach the very powerful of the return of Jesus Christ. I couldn’t help but notice during that experience that our steps were orchestrated by God, and I can confidently say today that my perception about my life, my family, and my ministry will never be the same.

I would like to thank God for using me and raising me up in such a time as this. I am extending my thanks to ShareHim, The Quiet Hour, University of Collonges, especially Mr. Rolland Meyer, Gabriel Monet, the Benin mission, my family, my prayer partners, the visitors who were baptized in the name of Jesus and those who are yet to be, and my staff who made this project possible.

To you who are reading this, if God can use someone like me, He will use you as well. If you ever experience the same journey, don’t be afraid. Prepare yourselves spiritually and let yourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit. You don’t have to be leaving for destinations like Africa to be used. God will use you from where you are. May God bless you.
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