Three Miracles in Benin

March 10 2008 / ShareHim in Benin, Jan. 11 - Jan. 26 '08 #247
by Gerard Peroumal

Campaign Site Narrative from Agbokou, Porto Novo in Benin. The speaker assigned to this site was Gerard Peroumal.

The experience with ShareHim for the evangelization campaign in Benin has been very rewarding for me and a rich experience with the Lord. We had a very warm welcome by officials of the mission of the Union, the Division and the representative of ShareHim, Pastor Luis Léonor.

Our stay was organized as follows: personal meditation in the morning; at nine o’clock, we spent an entire hour in which we praised the Lord, meditated on His word, prayed together, and shared our experiences from the previous day; and then, we discussed the issues to be highlighted in the night’s meeting.

Friday was the most difficult day, as there were three sermons to prepare. We preached two sermons on Sabbath, one in the morning and one in the evening. My site was located about forty kilometers from the hotel where we were. It was two hours by road. The trip was a bit tiring with the pollution there.

Regarding the experiences, there are many, at least one every night, but I will limit myself to three.

On the first night, many chairs were empty, but gradually they began to fill. I prayed that I would not be discouraged, and was reminded of scripture in which the Lord says, “I will be with you.” I had even more trouble when I could not get my computer to work correctly with the Sermon Synchronizer program. Because of this, I was forced to read my sermon instead of having on the screen of my PC, which mad it difficult for me to look at the audience, but I thank God that I was able to memorize most of the sermon throughout the day and use my notes only when necessary.

On the second evening, there was a woman who asked me to pray for her, as she suffered from many days with stomach pains and fever. I asked her, “Do you believe in Jesus?” She answered, “Yes.” I said, “Do you think He can heal you?” Again, she said, “yes.” So, I prayed for this woman. During the prayer, I had this assurance deep inside me that something would happen. The next day she no longer had fever and sore stomach. This same woman returned the next evening with nine other women from her family. Each one of them made the decision to be baptized. Every night after that, I prayed with her to thank and praise God for this miracle in the life of this woman and the impact of his testimony to other women. She testified at the baptism of what God had done for her.

On the sixteenth night of the campaign, I was prepared to make a strong call for baptism. Unfortunately, the electricity went off in the middle of my sermon and the generator stopped working. I knew I was in trouble because my computer had some problems and I knew that it could run for less than five minutes on battery power. This night, however, it just kept running for more than twenty minutes and I was able to complete the sermon and make the appeal for baptism. Praise the Lord!

In conclusion, I thank God to have been able to have had this wonderful experience with Him. I was truly enriched by this experience. I give glory and thanks to our God for the fourteen people who were baptized during the campaign and for the seventeen others who are studying for baptism.
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