An 11-Year-Old Preacher

March 27 2008 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic A, Mar. 14 - Mar. 29 '08 #249
by Glassford, Mr. David

Personal Testimony of David Glassford.

Hi, my name is David Glassford, and I am 11 years old. My mom is the ShareHim dateblock manager for this trip to Dominican Republic. I've been with teams of people giving campaigns in Mexico, Salvador, India, and the Dominican Republic. But this time, I co-preached a series of meetings with Pastor Jason Carlson, which means I preached every other sermon.

I am very shy, and I usually hate talking to people. I don't know why, but there was a last minute cancellation of an academy student preacher, so my mom asked me if I wanted to preach. I told her, "You've got to be kidding!" But she told me to go pray about it, and I did, and know the answer was that I was supposed to preach. But I wasn't ready to do a whole campaign, so I am co-preaching.

I am at a small site that has only 11 church members. But we've had up to 40 people each night (some nights only 20, but many nights it's been more than that). I was really scared the first night, but it went okay. I've learned how to make some eye contact with the people in the audience, shake their hands, and smile at them. I've done alter calls and it's been nice seeing people stand to make a decision for Jesus.

On the night that I preached about hell, the extension cord going to the generator caught on fire right during the alter call! But we got the fire put out and continued with the alter call and none of our computer equipment was damaged. And people still make decisions for Jesus. I think some of them are getting baptized on Sabbath.

If someone like me, who is very shy, can preach, I know anyone can do it. Besides, I am only 11 years old. Next time, I want a site with even more people. I know that each time I preach it will get easier for me.
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