I Was Preaching To Myself

March 27 2008 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic A, Mar. 14 - Mar. 29 '08 #251
by Adrian Quiroz

Personal Testimony of Adrian Quiroz.

Hi my name is Adrian Quiroz. I am 16 and a sophomore in high school. This was my first mission trip.

My story starts out like I’m sure many others do. I signed up thinking it would be a nice get away from school, not really wanting to preach, because I have an extreme fear of public speaking, but I never felt the desire to not come. As the day drew closer, I was getting more and more nervous, but God gave me strength to not chicken out. I was raised Christian, but I never really cared for the church.

When we got here, I thought “sweet a vacation!” I knew all the stories and the prophecies, so for the first few meetings, I was simply regurgitating. However, I kept noticing that even though I did not really believe what I was preaching, yet somehow I was reaching out to people. This made me think that what I was saying was making grown men cry. I was most impressed when I saw the leader of a gang leave crying. What in the world could I have done for him without God? So, I started to really study the sermons, and I got interested, too.

From then on, I was preaching firstly to myself and then to my audience. It was then that the devil really started to work on my church. We had every problem possible. He was attacking, not only from outside the church, but also from the inside. The Bible says that through God all things are possible, and I saw that clearly for the first time on this trip. So, I especially want to say thanks a million not only for allowing me to share God’s word, but also for leading me to the truth.

This trip hasn’t only been about preaching God’s word. We have also had lots of fun. I have greatly enjoyed preaching and can hardly wait for the next trip. Among all the rush of spreading God’s word, we still have found time to enjoy this wonderful country.
Thank you again for organizing this trip and helping me make my way here. May God pour His blessing over your ministry.
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