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March 27 2008 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic A, Mar. 14 - Mar. 29 '08 #257
by Gianni Dalotto

Personal Testimony of Gianni Dalotto.

Hi, my name is Gianni. I'm a junior at Thunderbird Adventist Academy. I'm so grateful that I could come on this amazing trip. It has been a trip of a life time. I'm sure that I will be coming on more of these trips, and it has blessed me in so many ways. It's indescribable! I've made new friends here, like this person named Angel. He is a translator but had no place to stay, so he stayed in my room with my brother and I and just became good friends. Also, my pastor is a funny and good person. He invited me to eat at his house. They are just awesome Christians.

Pastor Guzman leads the churches in the area of (Piedra Blanca). I preached in that area, and my church was named Three Angels. I have made friends there, too. When I went last year, it was awesome as well and inspired me to come this year.

When you come here, you experience something out of the ordinary. You can see evil versus good more clearly than when you’re in the states because we become comfortable in what we do, and it's like we ignore it, but here you can see the enemy get mad. When I preach the TRUTH, the enemy knows someone will realize they are mistaken, and that's why he does what is within his limit to stopvus or interrupt us while we preach.

Here are a few things that have happened during my campaign. First, there was a death in the church family, and that brings down the moral of people, and they don't really feel like inviting people or coming to the meeting. But thanks to God, a good amount of people still came.

There was also this couple that wanted to get baptized, and the pastor kept telling me they are getting baptized tomorrow, but they kept getting cold feet, and finally, they got baptized, but the enemy works hard to try to change peoples’ minds. The enemy tells us we are not good enough for heaven, and you know what he would be right if Jesus did not die on the cross for us and take the sin of the world upon his shoulders.
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