God's Army Now Has Another Soldier

March 27 2008 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic A, Mar. 14 - Mar. 29 '08 #263
by Zachary Surovec

Personal Testimony of Zachary Surovec.

Hello, my name is Zachary Surovec. I’m 15 and in the 9th grade. I live in Litchfield, Arizona, and I go to Glenview Adventist Academy.

I grew up a Catholic, but my parents divorced, and my dad, Michael, married my Adventist step-mother, Maria. I was raised in Las Vegas, where even though the family was Adventist, I did not choose to be one. In Vegas, all I was involved in was a gang, drugs, and graffiti. I did not care about school at all. During my whole middle school life, I just went from school to school. But later on, my family moved back here to Arizona where I soon was put into out-patient rehab and an Adventist school.

My life just slowly took a change, and now I’m a complete Adventist, and I just got baptized with my friend Angie about a month ago. Now I’m trying to live my life out for Christ by preaching where ever and whenever I can. Now if there something that involves people and Christ, I want in on it.

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU very much The Quiet Hour for making this trip possible for me. Because my parent’s income is good but we have a pretty big family of three boy’s including me and two sisters (I also have three more brothers in Las Vegas), and school is expensive, there is no way they could have supplied the funds for me to go.

Coming here to the Dominican Republic was really a life changing experience for me! I have never ever felt this close to God before. By coming here, my outlook on my religion has changed. One of the greatest experiences that happened to me down here was having people actually accept Jesus and want baptism because of these sermons I had been preaching. I got to see these two girls get baptized, and even more want to be baptized! Preaching has been one of the greatest experiences on my life. I mean it’s fun, Godly, beneficial, and just crazy radical. About every night the Holy Spirit would just fire me up; I would feel that I even preach with more enthusiasm than my pastor. It’s weird, though, cause sometimes when I get to preach’n, I start to burp. But anyway, I even learned from these sermons, while I was preaching to the people. What happened to me here I could of never even imagined back in Arizona.

I‘m pretty sure I also had Satan here at my meetings too, because these past two nights my projector and computer weren’t working together to show the sermon on the screen; it would work onlyfor about a minute. Yet, when I tried it here at the hotel, everything worked perfectly fine! So I don’t know what the deal was, but that night it first happened, I was yelling at Satan for it. And Angel, my translator, is practically my brother now. He stays here at the hotel and everything. We call ourselves the Concepsion brothers, and also our mom here is Karen Glassford, she’s the coolest person I have ever met; I love her to death.

The experiences that happened to me down here and being able to have this privilege to come down here, I would never trade for anything in the world. So overall, I learned more about my religion, I experienced what it was like to have the Holy Spirit use me, I experienced visitation, I stepped out of my comfort zone completely and made lots of friends, and now I can go home knowing that God’s army has more soldiers and now Heaven just got a little bigger because of God (to the 3rd power), and because of you, Quiet Hour and ShareHim. Thank you!
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