Blessed in Dominican Republic

April 8 2008 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic A, Mar. 14 - Mar. 29 '08 #280
by Allyssa Sharpe

Personal Testimony of Allyssa Sharpe.

Hi. My name is Allyssa. I am 17 and a sophomore in academy. This is my third series that I have preached. I have a younger brother who just came back from the Philippians doing the same thing that I am doing. I have been an Adventist my whole life and enjoy going on trips like this.

This is my first time in the Dominican Republic. The country is very beautiful and green. The people are very friendly, they all, at first, thought that I was from New York.

This trip has been lots of fun. I have been very blessed while I have been here. The people at my church are very nice and love to talk and to answer you when you ask a question during your sermon. I have also been blessed, so that I haven't had any computer or projector problems at my sight, except for one night. On that night, for some reason, my projector decided to act up and not work. So I ended up not using it, which was not that big of a deal. The only other problems at my sight that we have had were that, for some reason, the visitors had trouble coming. Thankfully that got fixed. We have had 5 baptisms so far.

I have really enjoyed being able to come to a country that I have never been to. If I could I would come back again. The only scary part of the whole trip was watching the folks drive. That could scare anyone! But you get use to it after a week.
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