How God is Helping Budd

May 11 2008 / ShareHim in Nanaimo #291
by Leslie Bergey

Personal Testimony of Leslie Bergey.

Budd (not his real name) was a professional football player and a wrestler. He was a big man and a heavyweight. When he stepped into the ring, people noticed. When he played football, people cheered. At one time, he played football with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian football league. But when Budd heard someone say that he was going to hell because he didn’t keep the Sabbath, it caught his attention and became fixed in his mind. It was something that was not easily forgotten because God kept reminding him.

Budd had earned a lot of money during his career in sports and showmanship. Some of this money had been was invested in sports stores and other shops throughout Canada. At one time, he owned franchises in more than twenty stores. To help him in some of his business affairs, Budd needed a lawyer, and this is where God stepped in again. The lawyer he engaged was a Seventh-day Adventist. He was, in fact, the elder at the Harbourview Church in Nanaimo, British Columbia. From him, Budd was again reminded about the Sabbath.

About this time, a ShareHim evangelist (Les Bergey from Kamloops, British Columbia), came to Nanaimo to hold a series of meetings, and Budd attended faithfully. He not only learned all about the Sabbath and many other things about the gospel, but he also viewed the Abundant Living health nuggets. At the end of the series of nineteen meetings, Budd, along with four others, requested baptism. At the present time, however, Budd still needs more help from God. He is not finding it easy to quit eating some types of unclean meats such as pork, shrimp, clams, and lobster. These have always been a staple part of his diet. We, along with Budd, ask for your prayers on his behalf.
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