In the Polish Hills of Nowa Ruda

June 2 2008 / ShareHim in Poland, May. 9 - May. 24 '08 #295
by Rhonda Brown

Campaign Site Narrative from Nowa Ruda, Nowa Ruda in Poland. The speaker assigned to this site was Rhonda Brown.

Nestled in the green hills of extreme southwestern Poland lies the mountain town of Nowa Ruda. There we met Violetta and Peter, who were to help with the evangelistic and health meetings. They helped set up the equipment and literature table, manned the literature table, greeted people at the door, and helped with taking blood pressures. Violetta has been a Bible worker in Nowa Ruda for six years, and Peter is her first convert who has been an Adventist now for two years.

It was exciting to see four members of Peter’s family attending the meetings from night to night. Especially interested were his sister Marzena, who attended every night, and his niece Marta, who also attended every night. Marta was very proud of this as she showed us the Bible she won for her good attendance.

Marzena is studying for baptism, and we hope her sister Kasha will soon follow her example.

Our meetings were held in an attractive upstairs meeting room in the town library, complete with tile fireplace for a cozy atmosphere. Before each meeting was an opportunity for people to have blood pressure checked, and to use the body fat analyzer, both of which were very popular. Each meeting started at 6:30 P.M. with a health lecture and slide show. The slide show graphics had been translated into Polish ahead of time, and the lectures were presented in English, with our translator, Martin, translating them to Polish.

A brief session of standing stretching exercises was done after the health lecture to provide a much appreciated break before the evangelistic lecture started. After prayer, the evangelistic lecture and slide show was presented, again, with the slide show graphics in Polish, and Martin translating the spoken lectures into the Polish language.

Attendance at the meetings reached a high of 23 one night, with fluctuation on the other nights. Meetings ended by 8:00 P.M., with opportunities given for people ask Bible questions or make prayer requests as desired.

We look forward to seeing how the seeds sown in Nowa Ruda in May will produce a harvest to come, especially as Violetta and Peter continue to study with these people.
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