Report from Sunyani, Ghana

June 17 2008 / ShareHim in Ghana A, May. 23 - Jun. 7 '08 #297
by Charles Harris

Personal Testimony of Charles Harris.

Thanks to ShareHim and The Quiet Hour, I had the privilege to be a part of one of the most rewarding spirit-filled trips to Sunyani, Ghana.

It was indeed rewarding spiritually for me. Although the nightly meetings were consecutively organized with no rest, my body did not feel tired. In fact, I wished we had another week of evangelism. Along with the rest of the team, I did experience the power of God working on behalf of us as we battled the enemy night after night for two full weeks.

We were told that normally that period of the year would be the rainy season, but it seemed as if God withheld the rain for this period. It did rain on several occasions, but on those nights, we knew it was the enemy who was attempting to overturn the situation to his favor. But God always came out victoriously!

One night, when it happened to rain the interpreter, Pastor Daniel Brafi, and I had begun preaching. It began to pour down in torrential episodes. Pastor Daniel asked, "What shall we do?" I told him, “Let us keep right on preaching!”

I prayed in my heart. Then we began singing "God Is So Good." The people started to leave the area, but to our amazement, instead of heading home, they began to line the walls of nearby buildings in determination to hear the word of God.

One night, after we had finished, I was enjoying the breeze as it flowed through the car window against my soaked jacket. The next morning, my voice was gone. I immediately went done on my knees and prayed, "God, thank you for lending me your voice for the past nights. I am sorry I did not take good care of your instrument, but I pray for forgiveness and that you will return your voice that I may open my mouth and let you speak to your people tonight, in Jesus name.” God answered my prayers, and I was able to cry aloud and spare not.

I rejoice to know that 31 souls came to the Lord at the end of those eventful two weeks. May God continue to bless ShareHim and the Quiet Hour as they seek to empower others to spread the gospel into all the world.
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