Tragedy to Victory

August 4 2008 / ShareHim in Ghana B, Jul. 11 - Jul. 26 '08 #309
by Christopher Carey

Personal Testimony of Christopher Carey.

“Her body flew through the air, and her head came down and collided with our fender. Then she lay limp on the edge of the road. When I saw this, I knew she was dead,” recalls Christopher Carey, “no child could survive an accident with a car driving 35 miles per hour.”

Carey, Vice-President for Advancement at Southern Adventist University, had come to Kumasi, Ghana with 29 students on a ShareHim trip to preach the Good News to the people of the area villages. His mission was to save lives and now he had just taken one. What a tragedy!

Little did Carey know that God was using this accident for His glory. Eight-year-old Elizabeth was taken to the Adventist hospital where she was x-rayed and examined. The doctors reported no broken bones, only small bruises, and Elizabeth was released to return home.

Carey and his pastor went to Elizabeth’s home to express their sorrow and concerns to her parents. When they arrived at the home, they learned that a witness had told the father that the accident was not the driver’s fault. Elizabeth had darted out in front of the car, and no one would have been able to stop in time. Carey and his pastor prayed with the family, praising God for the miracle they had witnessed!

As they visited together, Elizabeth’s father shared his story. He said, “This accident was a miracle in more than one way. Not only did God save our little Elizabeth, but He also reminded me of our need for Him.” He went on the say that his family used to attend the Seventh-day Adventist church, and he believed that God brought Carey and his pastor there to help his family reunite with the church.

On the final Sabbath of the meeting, three members of Elizabeth’s family were baptized and others recommitted their lives to him. Sometimes it takes a miracle to reunite God’s church family, and little Elizabeth will always remember how God used her in such an amazing way!
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