A Vision of a Temple Leads to Baptism

August 15 2008 / ShareHim in Mozambique, Jun. 27 - Jul. 12 '08 #314
by Thiarlles Boeker Portes

Personal Testimony of Thiarlles Boeker Portes.

Nelia Marisa was member of the Assembly of God church. She has a brother who is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church of Djuba in Maputo. He told her that the Sabbath is the true day to worship God. Nelia Marisa had a lot of doubts about the right day of worship. She had learned that Sunday was the correct day to go to the church and to serve God.

So, she asked God, “Lord, what do I have to do?” She did not go to her church anymore for one year, but she continued to pray to God, asking Him to show her what church preaches the truth.

Nelia Marisa recalls, “I asked God to give me a dream that could show me what church I should go to.” The one night, she had a dream. In this dream there was a temple, and she found her brother inside this temple.

Some time later, Nelia Marisa passed in front of a new temple that was built in her neighborhood, and she recognized the temple she had seen in her dream. This time was at the beginning of the ShareHim campaign that was conducted in Djuba by Thiarlles Boeker Portes, a student of the Seventh-day Adventist Seminary in São Paulo.

The temple that had been seen by Nelia Marisa was built by Maranatha, a group that is building about 1000 temples for the Seventh-day Adventist church in Mozambique. Here is proof that God blesses the wonderful work that Maranatha is doing in Mozambique, as in other places around the world. We also thank the Lord because He gives His blessings to the work of ShareHim and to the students who participate in those campaigns.

On the same day that Nelia Marisa was baptized, she testified to a friend whose name is Andressi Covane. Andressi was afraid to make the decision about baptism. She told him, “I do not want to pressure you, but I want you to know that what God did in my life, He is able to do in your life.” When he heard this, he told her and Thiarlles that he would like to be baptized in the next baptism.
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