Three Souls for Christ!

August 24 2008 / ShareHim in Fayetteville #317
by Zachary McFadden

Personal Testimony of Zachary McFadden.

This was the very first time that I had ever preached a sermon. I had always wanted to be the speaker for an evangelistic series since I was baptized. There was just one problem—an extreme fear of public speaking.

I can't preach; I mean it. The good news is that God is the one who speaks. He speaks through me, and I found that when I got up front and began to speak, the Holy Spirit took over and the rest, as they say, is history.

The series was incredible, and as a result, three people were baptized. One man was baptized for the first time and two women were re-baptized, all of them friends of mine.

One of the two women that was re-baptized gave up smoking after 32 years through the help of the Holy Spirit.

I have never seen anyone jump up and down in the baptistery after their baptism, but she did. What a joy it was to see her do that, and what joy was on her face that night!

What an awesome experience! I can hardly wait for the next time God calls me to do an evangelistic series.

Believe me, if you do not think you can do it, God will give you the power to do it. An incredible blessing it is to see people give their lives to Jesus!
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