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July 13 2006 / ShareHim in Benin, Jun. 2 - Jun. 17 '06 #32
by Vanessa G. C. Taylor

Campaign Site Narrative from Womey, Cotonou in Benin. The speaker assigned to this site was Vanessa G. C. Taylor.

The Banner and fliers were up for the Campaign. A rented school courtyard held our tent for the nightly meetings. Chairs were set up and the tables were set. A large Wide screen showed the Jesus video in French and was ready for the Share Him Truth for Today Sermons powerful Power Point presentation.

Each meeting went on as we played the Jesus video. It drew in the attention of the neighborhood and compelled them come and to attend the nightly meetings. We gathered in prayer inside with a Prayer Band of ladies, while Elder Bobo spoke in French and Brother Makir spoke in Fon as they gave a family and health talks; before my French translator Angel and I presented each night’s message.

We all were one and made a great team. As I spoke, Angel translated in French in such a way that I could see the power of the Holy Spirit move in his heart. The visitors were attentive and their faces displayed their emotions. I know the Lord matched each of us all together at each site to do His special bidding. Angel gave such an awesome appeal in the Holy Spirit and the people were drawn to raise their hands, to stand, and come forward to the front. 17 people made their decision to ask Jesus to come into their hearts and follow Him into Baptism. All the while a group of singers performed and the loving Church Family came and sang while the appeal was made.

At the end of the message the Elders would pray for the dedication if those who stood up for Jesus and the truths they have learned. Later as we broke down the equipment some still came forward and asked for prayer. Two ladies came to ask for healing and intercession. These women still did not conceive a child and their marriages were at stake. A women and a man asked for healing and a blessings of the Holy Spirit also. Another, women came with her child who had fevers at night and couldn’t sleep very well. We prayed for them and trust that the Lord God Almighty will intervene. I wanted so much to purchase medicine to help the mother nurse and comfort the symptoms of her baby. But all I could do it trust in the Lord even more to heal the baby with out the medications I would have had used to help my very own children. It was a struggle to not do anything but God is the Almighty Physician and I know all things are possible with God.

The next night we got word that the child had slept well through that night we had prayed. I praised the Lord for His interventions. And a relief of joy came over me. We prayed together with the mother and her baby; this time to praise and dedicate this moment on to follow Jesus.

It is such a joy to me among the movement of people who are going forth to spread the Good News. The Seventh-day Adventist is strong in this call and has a wonderful message in their hearts to Share Jesus to the ends of the earth in fulfillment of the Gospel Commission. So go SDA’s go and reach others in compassion for Christ.
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