The Light of His Glory in El Salvador

September 14 2008 / ShareHim in Salvador B, Aug. 15 - Aug. 30 '08 #323
by Sheila Davis

Personal Testimony of Sheila Davis.

While preaching the message on the last Friday night (August 29), The Holy Spirit and the Unpardonable Sin, I noted a woman who became very excited during the message. At the conclusion of the meeting that night, she greeted me at the door in a very enthusiastic manner. Sabbath morning, she rushed to me to attempt to tell me her experience. She made motions around my head and kept praising God. When Marisol, my interpreter, arrived, I asked that she would find out the experience the lady was trying to communicate to me.

She reported that while I was preaching on the Holy Spirit, all of a sudden, she noticed that my face became extremely bright, to the point that the light fully covered my face and she could not see me any longer because of the bright light. Her response in seeing this bright light that by now covered me was to offer praises and prayers to God for this manifestation of His Glory. Upon hearing this account, I was awestruck! God is real and He will reveal Himself.

Later that evening (3:00 am), I picked up my prayer journal and began to read some of my entries. In so doing, I turned to April 9. For my entry on that day, I asked the Lord to let my face be like the moon in reflecting the light of the Son of God. On August 29, the Lord gave me a powerful, literal answer to that prayer. Oh, praise His name!

At our site, 25 people were baptized and another 20 were awaiting baptism. I will forever be encouraged by the mighty way in which the Lord demonstrated His power on this trip. To God be the glory...
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