You're Glowing

October 10 2008 / ShareHim in Dominican Republic C, Jul. 14 - Jul. 29 '06 #325
by Carol White

Personal Testimony of Carol White.

As I returned home from Dominican Republic, I had several people say to me "You’re Glowing." All I could say in response was, "I have been with God." This experience was very special for me. I felt like I had an experience like Moses at the burning bush. One would think I went there to minister to those precious people. I believe that I went there so God could minister to me. This experience helped me to realize how important my ministry is. I have seen the power of God by Him using someone who did not even know the language. I was encouraged by this experience and I am very blessed to have been part of it. Many souls were led to Christ, and I am happy to have been part of it. I would encourage anyone to share in this experience at least once. I promise you will not be the same.
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