Reaping The Harvest in Brazil

October 12 2008 / ShareHim in Brazil, Sep. 12 - Sep. 27 '08 #327
by Susan Vance

Personal Testimony of Susan Vance.

Arriving in Fortaleza, Brazil after a long flight was welcoming. The city was larger than I expected, and looking back it would have been nice to have spent a few extra days in the city before going on to the orientation and hub location. I had no idea just how remote we would be. It was quite a ride just getting to the Posada (hotel). There really wasn’t anything but residential homes where we were, but there was a small village two miles away. They sported an internet café, but getting a connection was always an issue and it was a forty-five minute walk just to find out. Funny how not being able to connect to the world is a bit un-nerving. I put it out of my mind knowing that my family would call the Posada if there was an emergency.

My site was a forty-five minute drive from the Posada, and it was a difficult drive getting there. The first three days were spent working out the kinks of interpreters and drivers. I had a lovely lady interpreting for me, and we seemed to click right away. She was quick to interpret, and we were able to get through the sermons smoothly. On the third night, I noticed something that didn’t seem right. I would say a short sentence or phrase and she seemed to go on and on. I looked at her and ask, “What are you saying?” She was reading right off my lap top screen. Oh no, I thought. She needs to say exactly what I say. Sometimes there would be times when The Holy Spirit would lead me to say more and of course the appeals were heartfelt. This was not going to work. She was not able to help me on a personal level speak to the people.

After much hard work on the part of Mission Serv, they were able to find us a group of amazing Baptist interpreters.—one being their pastor. They promised to interpret word for word even if there were some doctrinal differences. My interpreter’s name was Samuel. He was wonderful. He spoke and moved as a mirrored image. He even cried if I did. Through him, I was able to connect and develop relationships with the people at my site. Without his help, this would not have happened. For me, getting to know as much as possible about the lives of the attendees is crucial, especially when it comes to the appeals.

We had a small attendance. Somewhere between thirty-five and sixty people each night so getting to know them wasn’t hard at all. Thinking about my previous campaign and how there was three to six hundred people attending most every night made this site seem very small. Our time is precious and limited as it is, so having a small group was a nice change. Approximately half of the attendees were Adventists already, so when we had six baptisms I was impressed. Later, there were twelve others either wanting baptism or Bible study. Praise God!

Some of the people that came didn’t read or write and most had never heard of Daniel. After the first night, I wondered if any of them would be back, but to my surprise they all came back and continued attending throughout the series. Brazil’s population is over 70% Catholic and most that I was speaking to had not heard about grace. They were not quick to give their heart to the Lord, but they softened as the nights went by and through God’s grace one by one they came forward. One of the drivers who considered himself a Christian came forward the night I spoke on the un-pardonable sin. In the appeal I said, “If you have learned new truths at these meeting and would like to re-commit your life, com forward.” He stood up and came forward.

Samuel, my interpreter now struggles with the knowledge of the Sabbath. He will never be the same. He was amazed with the prophecies seeing how they unfolded and clearly prove the bible to be accurate.

The miracles go on and on. I am grateful for all the hard work the Bible workers did before our team arrived. They worked hard to get the people there and without the tools we take for granted such as telephones and email.

Many thanks to Benny Moore. He was such a blessing!

When the faces of all the dear souls that gave their hearts to the Lord come to my mind I can only say, “Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the opportunity to go and Share Him!” Where next, I wonder…
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