God Can Reach Anyone

October 20 2008 / ShareHim in Brazil, Sep. 12 - Sep. 27 '08 #329
by Charles Haller

Personal Testimony of Charles Haller.

I learned that the Holy Spirit can touch anyone’s heart. God showed me that He can reach anyone. On the first Friday night, there was a teenage girl that was very loud, disruptive, and totally unruly before the meeting started. During the song service she repeatedly hit the boy sitting in front of her. She was hitting him very hard. I was seated two rows behind her and finally decided that something must be done to stop her. So I reached up and pulled her chair back so far that she could not even reach the boy. I kept her sitting there through the health talk and a segment of the DVD on Jesus’ life. Just before going up to speak, I indicated to her that she could slide her chair up to where it had been.

The children then went out to their meeting, but she was not eligible to go because she was too old for the children’s meetings. So, she stayed in the adult meeting and listened well. She attended all of our meetings and seemed to always be listening very attentively. I noticed as we got toward the end of the last week that her jewelry was totally removed.

After the children were dismissed to their meeting, she moved to the front of the room to sit. She responded to all of the calls. It didn’t matter if I just asked for hands to be raised, for people to stand, or for people to come forward and fill out an interest card. She filled all the interest cards, even the card requesting baptism. The local elder and the pastor studied with her and determined that she was ready for baptism.

On the last Wednesday night, she was one of five people baptized. Her mother was present and was smiling broadly while her daughter was baptized. The mother attended the meetings with her daughter the last two weeks. The Bible worker told me that the mother was now having Bible studies and was preparing to be baptized soon. If you had asked me after the first meeting who was the least likely candidate for baptism, I certainly would have chosen this young girl. But God knows the heart and His Holy Spirit reached her heart, and she acted like a changed and converted young lady.
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