An Amazing Experience

December 23 2008 / ShareHim in Honduras, Dec. 5 - Dec. 20 '08 #340
by Anja Den Ouden

Personal Testimony of Anja Den Ouden.

I'm very happy that I was able to participate in the ShareHim program in Honduras. It was in different ways an amazing experience and really blessed. It was encouraging to see another culture, which is much more open for God's Word than the western culture, for example.

Also the people are very warm, spontaneous, and enthusiastic.

Before this campaign, my presenting/preaching skills were quite poor, and I didn't like to stand in front of groups, but these two weeks have changed me. God gave me the power to preach with enthusiasm and without any fear or nervousness. And He inspired me with His Spirit. And I started to like it! I had some problems with my translator, which was a real challenge for me as well as for her. But we both have grown and learned a lot from it, like how to communicate with people from another culture.

Over all, it was a very good experience!
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