Oh, What a Blessing, The Great Commission

December 29 2008 / ShareHim in Honduras, Dec. 5 - Dec. 20 '08 #341
by Jerry DuVall

Campaign Site Narrative from Torocagua, Tegucigalpa in Honduras. The speaker assigned to this site was Jerry DuVall.

During my recent trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras I was at Torocagua church. The people of the church were wonderful. They worked hard to make the meetings successful and when it didn’t produce the visitors like they wanted, they worked harder.

From the time I arrived at the church until it was time to leave, it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I was able to see God work by convicting the hearts and souls of his people everyday. The obstacles that were overcome by the Lord were incredible. He rose above all the equipment failures and even my shortcomings to win souls. It was amazing that He spoke to those hearts and changed their lives. I would guess my translator was changed the most on the first night with the appeal.

You see she could not get through it without crying. It happened again night after night, until she failed to show for two nights. God was working on her heart and she was running. She returned with lots of tears and continued to translate for the remaining meetings. Still she had a difficult time with the appeals. At the end of the meetings she confided in me that she had ran from God, but in the end he had given her a new outlook on her personal ministry. She is now looking to get the money together to attend a future AFCOE class.

From the conviction that she shared with me, I have no doubt that God will provide. In the end, God added to His end time army of disciples there in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and the word gets a little closer to reaching the ends of the world. What a blessing! This has only supported my decision to be in full time ministry.
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