When The Campaign is Over, The CDs Keep Preaching

January 3 2009 / ShareHim in Lewisburg #345
by Delsie Pack

Personal Testimony of Delsie Knicely.

I held ShareHim campaign April 25 thru May 10 at Lewisburg, WV Seventh-day Adventist Church. Two souls were baptized at my campaign. One person that was baptized is now bringing his sister and her husband to church occasionally. Also, what is interesting to me is that my pastor and his wife made CDs of all my meetings. I bought two sets of them. I have been lending them out to people that are members of a Sunday-keeping church. One lady has an entire set. She is lending them to her family. She got excited about them. She says that they are awesome. She could not attend my meetings because of sickness at that time, but she told me this week that she would like to attend my next series of meetings. It is great to be sharing the truth about God’s word.

Another lady has some of my CDs, and there is a guy who has taken one and came back for another one. Now, I found another lady who wants to listen to them. I may have to purchase another set. I am going to plan another campaign in the spring or summer of 2009. The plan is to have it in a dark county next to the one where I live and attend church. I hope I can get involved in more of this work if the Lord opens the way for me. There was an average of 20 people at my meetings each night. When I preached on two Sabbath mornings, there were about 45 attending.

Jesus is coming soon! I want to get the truth out to anyone I can preach to. May God bless all the ShareHim meetings everywhere. This is my prayer.
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