God's Miracles

January 14 2009 / ShareHim in Honduras, Dec. 5 - Dec. 20 '08 #349
by Rebekka Stuecheli

Date Block Report

I’ve never preached before, so I was kind of excited about doing the ShareHim campaign, but at the same time a little bit nervous. I’m not the type of person who likes speaking upfront so much. But God really helped me a lot.

I experienced how God can take your weakest performance and all of your mistakes and turn it into something wonderful.

There was one night when my usual translator didn’t show up, so that we had to find another person who was not used to translating at all and had a hard time doing it. After the sermon, I was waiting for the appeal song to start, but they didn’t find it on the computer which led to a break of several minutes. I was disappointed and felt that the whole atmosphere was gone.

But God performed a miracle. At the end of the service, a girl who has been struggling with making a decision for baptism came to me and said that now she wants to be baptized! God wants us to fully depend on Him in order for Him to do great things.
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