Revelation Seminar

May 24 2009 / ShareHim in Ponca City #358
by Ed Thrasher

Campaign Site Narrative. The speaker assigned to this site was Jacklynn Banta-Thrasher.

The experience I had for doing the Revelation Seminar was not much different than doing a one-on-one seminar. It helped having the power point for the lessons.
We started out fairly strong with visitors for this seminar and it tapered off to just one person and a few members. The visitor has three children which are a blessing. The youngest is two years old. Some nights the kids would come up front with me and help me pray. Then the youngest boy would say "Amen" and then would say "Is it over."

Using the lessons that came with the material, I had the people reading the scriptures and giving the answers. I don't care how many times we go over this same message, we will always learn something, even if we can recite it by heart. God always has something that someone out there is asking about and He will give you the answer to give to them. There were a lot of attacks, with sickness and problems, but prayer and more prayer kept us going.

Our one person was baptized on Sabbath. He has learned a lot and wants to learn more. We are going to be doing three extra bible studies each week. It really is refreshing to find someone as excited about the Lord. May God bless all the seminars going on. The Lord has one more in His kingdom due to the seminar and His prompting.
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