When Things Go Wrong, God Still Works

June 2 2009 / ShareHim in Argentina, May. 15 - May. 30 '09 #359
by Nigel Francois

Campaign Site Narrative from Alta Gracia, Cordoba in Argentina. The speaker assigned to this site was Nigel Francois.

It was the first weekend of the campaign. The projector worked on Friday night; they used it for song service, but when it came time for me to preach, the projector did not work. It was frustrating to know it had been working and now it didn't worked. I prayed in my mind and I said, “Lord, do something incredible this Sabbath, because the devil is trying to work in the meeting.” After my prayer, I decided that I would preach with or without the projector. I preached the signs of the coming of Jesus from Matthew 24, and at the end of the sermon, the Holy spirit impressed me to makean appeal for people to give their lives for Jesus.

It was a strong a appeal to come to Jesus. What I did not know is that there was a man who been coming to church for months with a wife that was Adventist but he was not. They had been trying to get him to be baptized, but he refused. This Sabbath, when the projector was not working, the Holy Spirit was working. At the end of the sermon, this man made a decision to give his life to Jesus and be baptized. Amen!!.

Also, a mother and her son made a commitment to be baptized. The next Sabbath, the three got baptized. Isn't God great! When things seems to go wrong, that is when God makes great things happen! To God be the glory!
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