Wrong Ointment, Right Medicine

June 17 2009 / ShareHim in Peru - The Quiet Hour, May. 22 - Jun. 6 '09 #361
by Elfriede Volk

Personal Testimony of Elfriede Volk.

Just before we left for Peru, Heinz, my husband, strained his back. Our son-in-law sent along a tube of Rub A535 to help relieve the pain, but when we got to Lima it was so severe that Heinz saw a massage therapist at the airport. The treatment proved very effective and Heinz was pain free for the duration of our series.

During the last week, Alphonso, an older gentleman, asked for special prayer for his wife, whose hands were crippled with arthritis. He said he had taken her to the free clinic operated by The Quiet Hour, but the doctors had been unable to help her. I told him of my own experience with arthritis, and that with prayer, hydrotherapy, and a vitamin-rich diet I had been able to get my hands moving again. In fact, the disease had been in remission for more than 30 years.

That night, as I was sorting through things I could already pack, I thought of the woman and the pain she was enduring. Picking up the tube of Rub A535, I noticed that it was specifically formulated for arthritic pain and marveled at how God provided what was needed even before we knew of the need.

Before we left Alphonso thanked us once again for our help and reported that his wife was feeling much better.
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