Reaching Hearts

July 12 2009 / ShareHim in Namibia, Nov. 7 - Nov. 22 '08 #364
by Elfriede Volk

Campaign Site Narrative from Onethindi, Onethindi in Namibia. The speaker assigned to this site was Elfriede Volk.

After we finished our ShareHim series in South Africa, my husband and I did some more in Namibia, starting less than a week later. Again I had planned on being a support person, but as more speakers were desperately needed, I agreed to do a series too. The area where we were was considered un-entered territory, and we were told not to expect great results.

On the last Friday evening, as I was shaking hands with the people after the meeting, I was surprised by the enthusiasm shown by one man, especially as I had never seen him before.

"Keep up the good work!" he exclaimed, pumping my hand up and down.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the meeting and hope you will come back again tomorrow," I said.

"Definitely! My wife is getting baptized!" Then he told me that he had become Adventist five years earlier, and had tried to interest his wife in religion, but without success. He said that he worked very far away and could not come home often, but when she phoned and told him that she was getting baptized, he couldn't believe it. "I HAD to come home and see for myself," he said.

As the mission's director of evangelism was driving us back to Windhoek, I told him about this experience.

"That is why we need more ladies doing God's work," he said. "They can reach hearts that men find impossible to penetrate."
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