This Generation for The Lord

July 13 2009 / ShareHim in Panama, Jul. 11 - Jul. 26 '08 #365
by Soraya Lopez

Personal Testimony of Soraya Lopez.

I have been wanted to go as missionary to a country where I could experience something different in my life. I have never expected that my young life was going to take a 360 degree turn for good. Preaching in Panama for the first time was the most uplifting experience that I've ever had in my Christian walk. What I saw and lived in real life was the life of a disciple of God. And I couldn't believe that I was one of them. But God filled me up with the power of His Holy Spirit and spoke through me to the people that came every night to the Evangelistic Series in Volcan.

I know this because things that I couldn't explained about the Bible, were said right and the people, especially the young people, would approach me and ask me where I studied theology and how they can become a preacher or teacher like me.

Immediately I knew it was not me, because I knew that I stumbled with my words, I mispronounced some phrases, and skipped a few things. I recognized that the Holy Spirit was opening the people's ears to hear clearly so they can understand correctly. I praised God and cried praising the Lord for using my imperfections. I shared with the young people that God was doing all the work and that I was just a simple student just willing to share His word with them. They couldn't believe it!

There were so many incredible things happening throughout the meetings and I saw how the Holy Spirit working and touching the people's heart of Volcan, because in every appeal that was done at the end of my preaching, precious souls got up and came up front to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. I was out of breath and in tears of joy for what God was doing through me.

And that was not all! The last week that I preached there, an idea came to my mind and I was sure that God was putting this idea in my mind. It was about talking to the youth and the young people of this church. As a result God helped me to form a choir of young people. We learned two beautiful songs in one week in two languages. I was able to teach them every night after the meetings. I don't know how, but I know God alone was giving me the strength to do this. God was blessing the willingness of the young people of Volcan. We sung at the Last Sabbath that I was there during Baptism.

The young people became more friendly to each other and united. About 12 precious souls got baptized as result of that evangelistic campaign, and about 15 more people responded to get ready for the next baptism.

At that moment, I had more tears of joy, because I've never done something like this in my life; I have only seen my dad doing evangelistic campaigns and baptizing people.
Friends, when I came back to the states to my home town in New York, I was ready to continue. I was on fire for the Lord, and there was nothing that could stop me. I was able to contact all my friends right away and tell them all the good news and my experience in Panama.

To make the story short, I'm part of a Church Plant here in Albany, NY and it is formed of young people. We all are leading out individual Bible studies, groups of Bible studies in the community, at different colleges, and through the mail, and God is blessing abundantly. Further more, we started a "This Generation" group of young people to reach out young people and share the gospel with everyone. And today we have a big group of young people from different parts of the state of New York and few other states to work for one purpose and join forces to preach the gospel in Niagara Falls.

It is amazing what God is doing in upstate New York with the young people. God is helping us with the power of the Holy Spirit to reach many other young people this summer 2009. Our faith and spiritual life has more meaningful to us now than before. We are fulfilling the prophecy of Revelations 14:6-9.

"…being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus" Philippians 1:6.
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