Five Baptisms, with More Studying for Baptism

July 20 2009 / ShareHim in Cuba, Jun. 12 - Jun. 27 '09 #371
by Peggy West

Campaign Site Narrative from Gibara, Holguin in Cuba. The speaker assigned to this site was Peggy West.

June was an exciting month in Cuba.

ShareHim took a group of speakers to the eastern part of Cuba. After a day of Orientation at the Inter-American Division office in Miami, we all met at the Miami airport headed for Holguin airport in Cuba.

Pastor Luis Leonor, with ShareHim, was the campaign coordinator. The trip through the airport and to Cuba went smoothly. Miracles happened as we went through customs.

On arrival, after a welcoming lunch with the local conference officials, the groups were off to their various destinations. The larger part of the group stayed in Holguin and traveled back and forth to our sites from there (trips from 15 minutes to an hour each way every night).

In spite of minor equipment glitches, all the sites had very successful campaigns. Gibara was one of the smaller churches, with people being transported nightly (unless interrupted by a rain storm) to the meetings in the back of busses/trucks.

This little church was full and overflowing most nights. Most nights, there were also twenty or more standing on the outside looking into the windows.

Roberto Méndez is the pastor. He was in the first class to graduate from the Seminario Teológico Adventista de Cuba with a Master’s degree. He and his wife had been preparing their field for these meetings and the results were good.

In addition to the five who were baptized in Gibara, there are at least twenty more who have asked for baptism and are currently having more Bible studies to prepare them.

In the entire campaign, there were 263 baptisms, plus 578 having additional study prior to baptism, which totals 785 for the campaign of those who are making their commitment to Jesus.

God is so good. I received the biggest blessing of all as I saw the many miracles as God overcame our obstacles.
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