A Life-Changing Experience!

July 29 2009 / ShareHim in Philippines C, Jul. 10 - Jul. 25 '09 #374
by Betsy Mansilla

Personal Testimony of Betsy Mansilla.

Wow, wow wow... is all I can say, I can’t seem to find the right words to describe what I feel at the moment. Preaching at San Miguel, Iloilo has been an incredible experience. Yes, I’m not even going to lie, there was countless times when I felt so discouraged about my sermons. As I walked in into that church and I saw beautiful people who were so hungry to hear the God word, immediately those feeling went away. God has truly blessed me, and he has been with me throughout this whole campaign.

I had never seen a miracle happen in my life till the day that I preached the 2300 prophecy. As I was preparing for that sermon, I was discouraged because that sermon was, in fact, confusing. I prayed really hard so that God could give me wisdom to be able to explain it in such a way that everyone would understand. That evening, I went to my site and kept reviewing and praying. You know, God is good... I walked up to the stage literally shivering because I still felt unprepared, but once on stage those feelings went away. I felt so sure about it, and that sermon became the best sermon that I had preached yet. I felt His presence like never before. I knew that everything I spoke that night was completely Him. I could not have done that sermon without his help. I sounded very confident. I even walked around the stage a little, which is something that I never felt comfortable doing.

Every night my sermons touched the hearts of others, and that filled my heart with joy! It was incredible that so many non-Adventists attended and I knew that the Holy Spirit touched them. I was delighted to see others give their life to Jesus too! On my last Saturday there, at the baptism, my church had 18 people giving their lives to Jesus!!!!!!! Tears of joy ran down my face as each of them were baptized, the bible way. That day I also felt very sad because it would be the last day that I would see them. But like I learned in one of the sermons, Christians never say goodbye. I know I will be able to see all of them again at Jesus’ second coming once one day.

Not only they were touched by the Holy Spirit; I too was touched. I had never felt God answering my prayers, but over there, I just saw so many prayers answered and miracles happen that I was definitely convinced that God truly exists. My life before this trip was a complete mess. I was confused about many things, and I even came to a point were I thought was God was nothing but a myth.

My Life has now changed. I know that there is a God watching over me everyday, helping me make the right choices, and a Holy Spirit pleading me to turn back to Jesus. Thanks to these evangelistic series my life was changed, and I am a new person. Thank you ShareHim!
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