ShareHim in Borneo

August 5 2009 / ShareHim in Borneo (Sabah-Sarawak), Jul. 17 - Aug. 1 '09 #376
by Colin Hone

Campaign Site Narrative from Sarangkul, Kota Belud in Borneo (Sabah-Sarawak). The speaker assigned to this site was Colin Hone.

My name is Colin Hone, I am from Australia. My wife Carey and I just got back from Sabah, Borneo on August 3, 2009 from our first ShareHim campaign. It was amazing to be part of the continuation of the book of Acts in the Bible. Thirty-nine people made a commitment to Jesus and were baptized and many more recommitted their lives as well just at our site alone.

The ShareHim sermons and slides made it so much easier. Anyone could do this as long as you are open to sharing the gospel and being used by God. It has changed our lives just as much that it changed the people at Sarangkul, Kota Belud in Borneo. The people there treated us so well. I can’t wait to do another Campaign for Jesus next year. Thanks so much ShareHim for the privilege of sharing Jesus and making a difference.
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