I Can Do All Things Through Christ

August 16 2009 / ShareHim in Nicaragua B, Jul. 17 - Aug. 1 '09 #379
by David Negron

Personal Testimony of David Negron.

My name is David Negron. I live in the state of Pennsylvania in the city of Philadelphia, and this is my testimony. Before even knowing what ShareHim was about, I felt discouraged and did not want to ever preach again. I guess God had other plans for me that I did not know about. I told Him that I had nothing to say. I am no pastor or

I just came out of jail; that’s where I gave Him my life and surrendered to His loving kindness. I don’t have an education; I dropped out of sixth grade and did drugs most of my life. I came from a broken home as a child and my marriage was a disaster. I told God to help me change and to set me free from the 8 foot by 10 foot cell which I was in and that I would do what He always wanted me to do.

That was to preach, even though I did not know how. He answered the prayer quickly; they let me go and later on, in court, they dropped all my charges. I was free at last! I was free at last! Thank God almighty, I was free. From that moment on, I had to be faithful to my promise of sharing Him with others around the hood.

The next thing I knew, I was going to Puerto Rico, Florida, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Mexico. I had only been in church for three years, and God was opening doors for me, so I would go, not caring how much it cost me. I just wanted to preach His goodness in my life to others who needed to hear. I told them how they could overcome, if they just let Jesus in their lives like I did. At first, I was discouraged because of my education and not knowing what to say to multitudes. I ask God, “What do you want me to do, Father?”

He directed my eyes to a calendar in the wall that said: “Share Him Global Evangelism.”

I said, “Father, this is what you want me to do? But, I am nothing.”

He said, “David, it is not by strength or might but by my spirit; go into all nations, for I will be with you.”

So the journey began. God started to make preparations for my trip, with out me even realizing what was going on. I never new what ShareHim was; I did not even know how was I going to share Him all over the world. The cost is a lot, but nothing is impossible for Him!

I heard a sermon preached by David Gates on a Friday night. The message was to go into all nations; that message from God got me pumped up. I accepted the call that night. Saturday morning, I got an invitation that said, “Go into all nations.” My eyes opened wide as I continue to read; the invitation was about a mission trip to Nicaragua.

So I said, “Lord I will go.”

When I received my material, it said ShareHim. Now I new what ShareHim was about, but I still did not understand what God was up to, until one day while I was working in my basement making preparations on my topics when God directed my eyes to see the calendar in the wall which said “ShareHim.” Then it hit me, and I started to cry tears of joy. God was making preparation for this event way before I new what ShareHim was about.

Praise God; I arrived in Nicaragua with His message to share with others, as well as my testimony. He is great and worthy to be praise! The brothers and sisters treated me great in church and received me with a lot of love. Every night, the Lord blessed me and blessed others with His presence.

Everything went according to plan. I had great support from everybody, and we worked as a team. Everyday, we were blessed with a lot of visitors who truly enjoyed being there to learn about our God.

I was invited to visit a member from the church who was no longer attending, so I went after service to visit him. I got a real big surprise when the member told me that no one from church had visited him in three years or had even tried to encourage him to come back to God. He said that he told God that the day some one from church would visit him, he would come back. He was happy to see that God had sent me to his house for an invitation to come back home. The lost sheep has been found! Amen.

I invited him to accept Jesus in his life and he did, and on Saturday, he was in church. From the results of this campaign, we had a total of 7 newborn Christians.

I am glad that God gave me this opportunity to go to Nicaragua and to witness to others about His greatness. If I can do this, so can you. For He that is in you is greater than the one in the world. Just remember Philippians 4:13, “I can do anything any thing through Christ who strengthens me.”
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