God Can Use Anybody

August 19 2009 / ShareHim in Philippines C, Jul. 10 - Jul. 25 '09 #380
by Zoraida Cardenas

Campaign Site Narrative from Sta. Barbara sda church, sta.barbara in Philippines C. The speaker assigned to this site was Zoraida Cardenas.

My name is Zoraida Cardenas; I am a current nursing student at Southern Adventist University. I never thought that God could use a nursing student to preach his Gospel but He used me. I am a sophomore in school and I hope, with Gods help, after I am done with my education, I could go be a missionary for a year as a nurse. Not only do I want to help the sick but also spread the message of Gods love. But meanwhile, if God permits, I want to do the evangelistic ShareHim series in my conference the Potomac Conference at my church Alexandria Spanish in the Columbia Union Conference.

I was able to see God do amazing things during these three weeks that I was in Philippines. I was in the island of Iloilo in the town of Santa Barbara; that is where I had to preach. It was so amazing to see so many people there at church, especially visitors. Every night there would be an attendance of 45 visitors or more; it was amazing! You could see the Holy Spirit at work. Rain or shine, we always had those amounts of visitors. At the end of the series, eighteen souls decided to give there lives to the Lord. There was a total of twenty-one, but three teens were not allowed to get baptized because of their mother. But Praise the Lord because they are still attending the church and are waiting to become of age in order to be able to get baptized.

We faced many problems, but we learn that with God anything is possible. In the beginning of our trip, we missed our first flight from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia. But thank God we were able to fix that, and we got in shuttles that drove us to Atlanta where we were able to catch our plane from Atlanta to Korea. Once we got there, it started raining. It rained almost everyday or afternoon. It was getting to the point where the streets and houses were flooding.

My pastor’s home flooded with water up to his knee. The rain was affecting the number of visitors that were going to church. So we prayed as a group and also as individually for the rain to stop, and praise God because He heard our prayers! It stopped raining for two whole days. So everything was able to dry.

Also most of the team from Southern got sick with fever and upset stomach. It was kind of a domino effect, but when it was time to preach everyone felt great. Also there was a young lady who had been diagnosed with cancer and she was going to start chemo therapy; but we prayed and we saw God do a miracle because just as she was to begin treatment the doctors were not able to find anything.

From this trip, the very most important thing that I learned was that God answers prayer. If you have a true prayer—a prayer that comes from your heart and you believe in the God almighty—He will answer. He does amazing things! Also I learned that He can use anybody; he used me, a nursing student who had never preached an evangelistic series before. I know that He can use anybody in this world as well.
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