A Second Call to the Battle Field

August 22 2009 / ShareHim in Borneo (Sabah-Sarawak), Jul. 17 - Aug. 1 '09 #382
by Kezlynn Daisley

Personal Testimony of Kezlynn Daisley.

Before I left for this mission trip, I asked God several times to allow this mission trip to bring me closer to Him. During the meetings, I struggled with my longing to be brought closer to God. One night my associate was ill and could not make it to the meetings; it was that night that God revealed himself to me.

I was feeling alone and insecure and for the first time during the meetings I realized that I was relying on my own strength to get things done. I began to reflect and realized that I had missed having devotion for a few days. I tried to remember at what point I had stopped having devotion, then it came to me. I had stopped having devotion because the light in the bathroom where I would sit to avoid disturbing my roommate burned out. My devotions when downhill from there, and I was now feeling its drag on my spiritual life.

As I sat in the hotel’s lobby area waiting on my driver, my feelings of loneliness and despair increased driving me to talk to God. But as I begun to talk to God, my attention was interrupted by a boxing match showing on the television. I was torn between looking at the match and talking to God, until I said to God, “How can I be watching TV and talking to you at the same time? What are you trying to show me?”

It was then that God revealed Himself to me. During the fight fighter A* had the upper hand most of the time and then things turned around; fighter B* now had the upper hand. As fighter A* struggled to redeem himself, (it was at this point that I asked God to show me what He wanted me to see) the coach started shouting in the side line “fight back, fight back!”

I realized that God was shouting to me ‘Fight back Fight back!’ With that I was broken into tears.

For the first time in a long time God’s peace filled my heart with his fatherly arms. He encircled me and hugged me. He held my hand and took away all my feelings of loneliness and despair. I went to the meeting and preached with renewed vigor and conviction that the God that I was preaching about was real and wanted us all to be saved.

This is why I have entitled this testimony a second call to the battle field. It was not the preaching or the baptisms; it was God on the sideline of my battle telling me to fight on that made this mission trip on of meaning to me. I know now more than ever that I am never alone in my battles. This experience has given me a feeling of newness with God, He gave me new armor and a new spirit; I have begun to fight again.
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