What The Children at Campbell's Castle Taught Me

December 1 2009 / ShareHim in Jamaica - Quiet Hour, Nov. 6 - Nov. 21 '09 #394
by Ruth Typusiak

Personal Testimony of Ruth Typusiak.

I was delighted when my sister and brother-in-law invited me to accompany them on their mission trip to Manchester, Jamaica. It was my first mission trip, and the first time in many years that I had worked with children.

Instead of Asia, we were in Campbell's Castle, a rural community, where I conducted the children's program. I was amazed at how well the children knew their Bible. They actually still MEMORIZED their memory verses, and although they had no song books, they sang with all their hearts.

There were no visual aids in the children's department, not even a flannel board. I improvised by using a terry towel fastened to the wall. The children constantly wanted to help me, putting things on the "board" and taking them off. They also enjoyed the crafts that went with the Bible lessons. Attendance grew from about 10 to more than 40 at the end of the series.

I was also amazed at the commitment of the people. On Sabbaths, the entire day is dedicated to God. And the children participate in the services, leading out in the singing, having Scripture reading, or prayer. There even are junior speakers who learn from a young age to take responsibility and participate in church activities.

I guess I actually learned more from these children that I came to teach than they learned from me. Because of their example, I want to dedicate myself more to serving God when the opportunity comes. I definitely want to go on another mission trip.
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