The Substitute Speaker

December 3 2009 / ShareHim in Jamaica - Quiet Hour, Nov. 6 - Nov. 21 '09 #395
by Elfriede Volk

Personal Testimony of Elfriede Volk.

The brochures said that Pastor Benny Moore would be preaching at Newport, but he wasn't there. Somehow, as I had brought a laptop and projector with me, I was asked to take his place. I felt totally inadequate, but with God's help and supportive church leadership I managed.

Although there were only 14 or 15 visitors, overall attendance for the series was good. One week into the campaign I came down with an extremely bad cold, but providentially Pastor David Dobias was in our region that day and offered to take the Friday evening service for me. The respite helped me to recuperate enough so that I could take both services the next day and finish the series.

Almost all speakers experienced technical problems, and I was no exception. The day I spoke on God's remnant church my computer froze three times and my usually-so-punctual driver was 45 minutes late. When I set up my equipment, the computer froze again, and when I finally started speaking, the graphics were out of synch and in Spanish. Still people commented that they were impressed with the clarity of the message.

As there was no separate program for the children, I always began with a children's story, sometimes using puppets I made from patterns supplied by The Quiet Hour. I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the children did.

At the conclusion of the series, seven people were baptized and about the same number are taking further studies in preparation for baptism.
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