Thank God for Miracles

December 29 2009 / ShareHim in Mozambique - SAGE, Oct. 9 - Oct. 24 '09 #400
by Edward MacKenzie

Campaign Site Narrative from Matuba, Chukwe in Mozambique - SAGE. The speaker assigned to this site was Edward MacKenzie.

We had a good experience in Africa. We had several new experiences there. It was our first time to go to Africa and our first time to hold meetings outside with no roof over our heads and no chairs for people to sit on. Our screen was a sheet stretched between two poles next to the chief’s block house. Most of the rest of the villagers lived in mud houses. It was not the first time we had to depend on a generator for power. The village did not have electricity so the people there did not have TV, which is good.

They loved the Jesus video and we almost created a riot when we turned it off after 8 or 10 minutes of showing each night.

While there, we witnessed a miracle. We went to the beach for an outing. On the way home, a boy on a bicycle rode into the path of our van. Our driver did all he could to miss him, but he hit him. The boy’s head broke the windshield; then he disappeared. We all thought we ran over him. Our van went off the road and ran into a tree. We were not going very fast by that time so none of us were hurt, only the van. As soon as we stopped we jumped out to see what happened to the boy. He was curled up by the back tire of the van. He was not moving, but I could see that he was breathing. Some of our group was still in the van praying.

Some local people started to pick him up, but we tried to stop them. The boy sat up. Then the people helped him to get into the shade of the tree we hit. We all gathered around him and had special prayer for him. Soon a van came and he walked with help to the van that took him to the hospital. I understand that the hospital kept him two days and released him. We thank God for His protection.

Another new experience for us was the baptism at the end of the meetings. Three of the women were devil possessed. They began to shake after they came down into the water. The pastor kept praying and the congregation sang louder until the devil let them go free. Praise God for His deliverance!

The Matuba Village chief where we held our meetings was baptized. There was no SDA church in that village. One of our SAGE members pledged money for a “One-Day Church” to be built in his village. We thank God for this, too.
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