God's Lessons

March 16 2010 / ShareHim in Mexico C, Mar. 5 - Mar. 20 '10 #406
by Armando Miranda Jr.

Campaign Site Narrative from Esmirna, Veracruz in Mexico C. The speaker assigned to this site was Armando Miranda Jr..

Fear is a powerful aspect of life. Lately, the country of Mexico has suffered from so many violent events because of the drug trafficking business that so many people are terrified. This was not my case, but I was concerned with the news coming out of Mexico, even though I was born and raised there because the situation has changed drastically.

With a prayer and fully trusting in God, we embarked in a journey of faith that brought us to our knees, humbled us in many ways, and made us realize that the Spirit of God is still moving greatly.

As we arrived in Veracruz, we could feel that something was going to happen—in a good way. The district pastors were ready and we were ready, but everything that we expected was shifted. Our preconceptions changed as soon as we arrived to our churches. Personally, I felt a little upset because I had to go to one of the farthest churches, so that included getting back late, but when I met the people in the church, I started realizing that my concerns for time were of no use.

If you want to know how God works, I'll tell you what He did in me. I was not expecting to be in the little church of Ursulo Galvan, but God was expecting that. He knew that He needed me there to teach me a few things. After a few days, the small windowless, floorless church was constant with about 10 visitors every night. It was great to see that so many members were involved in bringing their neighbors and friends.

While preaching, I sensed that God was helping me to understand even more the mission that He has for me for His people. As I talked more with the members, I realized that God is truly working through people who give themselves fully to Him. I felt honored to be working among such hard working disciples of Christ.

At the end of the week, I felt encouraged to come back and do the same in where I live. God can surely transform people and churches. I am praying He keeps transforming my life and my churches. He has done it, and He will keep doing it.
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