Love shared

August 2 2006 / ShareHim in Salvador, Jul. 14 - Jul. 29 '06 #41
by Debbie Condado

Personal Testimony of Debbie Condado.

I had the privilege of going with my daughter Jennifer to Las Victorias. This precious church family embraced my family which includes my youngest daughter (8) as well. The man in charge of the music (Jorge) almost always brought us some type of food from their store. He was a minute man and ready to sing whenever asked. There was one lady that always came up to the front to give me a hug. I was the mother of the speaker but was always there to support. She must have appreciated that fact.

The last Sabbath she wanted us to come to her home to eat. She knew that we were vegetarians, which for them meant cooking only vegetables and rice. Boy was it delicious, but light. We were hungry an hour later. It brought her much delight to have us in her home. She gave us a tortilla basket and asked us to accept her humble gift to remind us of her. The only thing we could communicate was Buenos noches and muy bien and then no comprendo. But the hugs and smiles were all we needed to feel and know the love they had for us and we had for them. We praise God for the opportunity and privilege to share God’s love with the people in San Salvador.
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