Grace Finds Grace in Pangi

March 22 2010 / ShareHim in Philippines A, Feb. 26 - Mar. 13 '10 #411
by Stephen Marshall

Campaign Site Narrative from Pangi, Davao in Philippines A. The speaker assigned to this site was Stephen Marshall.

We are Steve and Mary Marshall. We're from BC in Canada and love to share Jesus at home and abroad. Last year, when on our way to the airport, after finishing meetings in Costa Rica, some of us decided "let's do this again!- next year in the Philippines!"

So, at the end of February we found ourselves in Davao. We were assigned to a congregation in a tiny church building in Pangi. The church has a permanent tent directly behind the sanctuary for overflow. In this case, visitors sat in the church while members sat outside under the tent, watching the PowerPoint presentations on a screen from a projector outdoors.

Many visitors attended; we grew to love them dearly, visiting in their homes, praying with them. One special visitor was named Grace. She received an invitation to come to the meetings. She wouldn't come alone, however, and invited her next door neighbor (actually an Adventist) to come with her. They came, and Grace heard and was transformed by the messages. She made her decision for baptism, and as she prepared for baptism on March 13, she already started working and witnessing, wanting her husband to experience the same transforming grace that she was responding to.
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