Blessed, Not Stressed

May 3 2010 / ShareHim in Mexico B, Feb. 26 - Mar. 13 '10 #425
by Rebekah Doying

Personal Testimony of Rebekah Doying.

How can you even begin to describe how amazing this Mexico trip has been! To be honest, I was super hesitant to come. Since lately I had the feeling of a disconnection with God. Mission trips didn’t seem fun. Sure my friends and boyfriend were coming, but I did honestly want something more with God.

The first night of going out to the churches was insane. Our transportation was crazy, our groups were mixed up, and no children’s group had crafts. So eventually, I was paired with a girl, Nicole, who was in my class, but we’d never talked. I was extremely nervous. My palms were sweaty and I had no clue if Nicole and I would work well together. My prayers didn’t stop. I told God that if at the end of the night I was blessed instead of stressed, I’d know He actually cared.

Pulling up, it was Stephen Drummond’s church that had really no walls and a falling roof. Taking us behind the church, Nicole and I were surrounded by wide-eyed kids who didn’t know a word of English. There was a little girl who had special needs. Somehow, through God, we clicked and she forever has affected me. She was dirty, obviously poor, and had the biggest heart. She touched me so much that now I’ve decided to have my career in helping special needs children. At the end of the night, I was blessed, not stressed. I felt God. Two weeks of Chetumal have really changed my life forever.
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