My Mexican Dad

May 3 2010 / ShareHim in Mexico B, Feb. 26 - Mar. 13 '10 #427
by Brittany Tompkins

Personal Testimony of Brittany Tompkins.

One specific experience I would like to share about my mission trip to Chetumal, Mexico is something that really meant a lot to me. My driver that drove me each night to my church got me something really special. He was very supportive of me, and he would always come hear me preach every night. He would help me with appealing to people and he was very encouraging of each and every person. I felt like he was my father in Mexico.

I grew the closest to him out of all the people I met there, so it really meant a lot to me when he told me something about what he was going to give me. Before he gave me my gift, he told me that whenever I feel down or I’m going through any struggles, that I should give it all to God. He told me that God is greater than any of our problems and that no matter what, I still give glory to Him. He also told me that I need to go to God in prayer. And that message he shared with me was a present in itself. So later on, one night he gave me the gift.

It was a very small gift and it was a little crystal figurine with Jesus on the cross and on the other side it had praying hands. He told me, when he gave me the gift, that whenever I am struggling with life that I should go to Jesus on the cross through prayer. This really touched my heart because I was the one who came to Mexico to be preaching God’s word to others and yet God still touched my heart. God sends us people in our own life and I know that God sent me my Mexican dad!
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