"I'll See You Later"

May 3 2010 / ShareHim in Mexico B, Feb. 26 - Mar. 13 '10 #430
by Kyle Hano

Personal Testimony of Kyle Hano.

Being in Mexico was an amazing experience. As a preacher, I was able to grow strong with my church. I thought doing the ShareHim program really wouldn't be that successful. Giving a sermon that I didn't write, I didn't think it would be heartfelt since it wouldn't come from me.

What I learned is that God can use you no matter where you are. If you allow God to use you to speak through you, then it doesn't matter what your preaching, as long as its God's message. A lot of people don't appreciate the ShareHim program, but I know that it is a part of God's true and current world message. I'll never forget my experience in Mexico and all the faces I met. I hope that when I said "bye," I wasn't saying "bye," but "I'll see you later."
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