Preaching for Two Weeks?

May 4 2010 / ShareHim in Mexico B, Feb. 26 - Mar. 13 '10 #433
by Matthew Vaughan

Personal Testimony of Matthew Vaughan.

My original intentions for these mission trips were to journey to Kenya, Africa. But then the money situation just didn’t happen, so I had to look on. I heard about the possibility of going to Mexico for a ShareHim sermon series for two weeks. At first, I loved the idea. But then I heard that this sermon series was every night for two whole weeks! I was extremely nervous at first. But then I remembered what God told his disciples right before He left earth. It is found in Matthew 28:19, 20 and it says: go therefore, and make disciples of ALL nations, baptizing and teaching them the commandments, and lo I will be with you always even until the end of the age. This verse spoke to my heart greatly because it is what Christ is calling us to do. But not only that, but He promises to be with us always!

So I figured, why should I be nervous about preaching internationally for two weeks? God will be with me the whole time! And sure enough, He most definitely was! He blessed me with the most kind, heart-warming, and God-loving church ever. Every night was a blessing in my life. I got to see first-hand how these sermons were impacting peoples’ lives. Also, through the loving members of the church, I felt God in my life more than ever! The devil, of course, tried to bring me down with stress and sickness, but just like God promises us in Matthew, He prevailed and spoke through me. This truly was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
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