My Commission to Potrerillos

June 10 2010 / ShareHim in Honduras, May. 7 - May. 22 '10 #439
by Janice Schnurr

Campaign Site Narrative from Potrerillos, Puerto Cortes in Honduras. The speaker assigned to this site was Janice Schnurr.

As I walked into the lovely, contemporary church located in Potrerillos, Honduras with modest stained glass windows on either side of the sanctuary my mind and heart said, "This is my church and I am here as God's ambassador. My divine commission to come here is not something I will take lightly. I will, by your grace, Father, minister to their needs and only You know what they are. I ask for your words to speak, your love, given through me, to draw them to your side. Please, Lord, let my humanness not get in the way of ministering in this church or anywhere at all."

The congregation was so very gracious and welcoming to this woman who had accepted the invitation to come to their church to present the gospel. Even when it rained two evenings, this group of faithful believers were supportive in coming out to not miss one message from the Bible. Their motto is: 'If it is in the Bible, it is for me. If it is not in the Bible, it is not for me.' Night after night they enthusiastically repeated this with joyful, confident and bold voices together in unison. Their faces were beaming with Holy Spirit light.

The Lord blessed this community of believers with 20 baptisms and another 18-20 are preparing for baptism in the near future. Jesus is the Victor in the Potrerillos, Cuyamelito and San Carlos churches of Honduras. Praise God.

Saying 'goodbye' is a difficult thing when a bond has taken place among God's family. Many gifts were given to me with love and heartfelt thanks. One gentleman played his guitar and sang a message in Spanish telling of our hope and reunion in heaven. Then there were the final last hugs, tears, and words inviting me to return soon. My steps were heavy and reluctant as I headed for the van and Jose, who were waiting to take me back to our group’s hotel. My connection with some of the friends I made there continues with emails (thanks to internet translator), phone calls, and letters.

I think I have gained a little bit of knowing how Paul felt after he met with or established churches. I understand his longing to return to them to give courage or guide them to old truths that have been forgotten or laid to rest. My heart is also responding to the love Jesus has for me. He is continually reaching out to me and inviting me, correcting me and giving encouragement to walk the path of devotion, dedication, commitment and sacrifice in this life and He promises me that one day we shall meet face to face.

His return to our planet is an eternal event I look forward to and long for. The Word, the Translator, The Life-Giver is coming to not only see me in person, but also to take me home with Him and join my Honduran friends once again. How awesome is that! Wow.
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